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Your support and contributions has enabled us to meet our dream of reaching over 1 million souls with the gospel.  And we're still plugging away!!   Your donation will fund our mission.

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  I'm inviting you to listen to "A dog and doe"  

            Approximately  3minutes motivational speaker

To Someone Special

 We've evangelized the world with the poem "To Somone Special" = over 1 million  1,115 402 people  in 8 langua,ges Arabic, English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Swahili.  Starting May 2018  been doing YouTube videos approx. 1-5 minutes long "with what you needed to hear in your journey of life".   Is he someone worth listening to?  You decide that for yourself.  A primary reminder to you is "ENJOY THE PE

Big Wave Dave USA at a glance

Big Wave Dave USA at a glance


 At Big Wave Dave USA, we are driven to encourage you to focus on the Petals of life;  not to dwell on the thorns.  It's a choice! Complain because the Rose bush has thorns or Rejoice that the thorn bush has a Rose. We'd also like to remind you "don't allow your flaws to keep you from coming to Jesus". Jesus Christ DOES love you!! Be sure to read the poem "To Someone Special". and  Be sure to check out our "less than 3 minutes" videos. 

About US



Our goal is to provide mental clarity, mental strength, emotional healing as you journey this path called Life. With right thinking.  You can become empowered by abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill your potential. 




 We have reached over 1/2 million people (8 languages) with this poem letting people know that they are special to Jesus. Bringing healing to people is something that we take seriously. 

Less than 5 minutes motivational videos

These videos are built on personal experiences

They will help you in this journey of life!


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