Evangelizing motivational speaker

Why this poem

"To Someone Special" is written to EVERYONE.....a person that would discard a tract won't discard this because of the title (Someone Special) and because of the ROSE image

From Big Wave Dave's USA *TM heart

Not preaching at those reading it; hopefully they'll receive the thoughts expressed and the words will cause them to ponder and realize that they "really are loved" by Jesus Christ

Help me help you evangelize your world

 I don't do this for $$  Let's evangelize the world....What if the people in your congregation passed out just 10 flyers individually?  100 people x10 =1000 souls being touched.  These cards being passed out when going to the store, or to family, friends, door to door.  We'll have your church information on the card as seen in examples; ...Is there a church, a group of believers that we could come together and accomplish this? Not about religion or religious beliefs.  Let's just share the love of  Jesus and let the Holy Spirit do the rest.