COVID19 In fear or in faith? 03-29-2020

 Covid 19  do you and I live in fear or faith? We're in this together!   

Corona-virus and enjoy this day!

 Yes!  We can enjoy this day regardless of what's going on around us!!

A glimpse! WOW!! 11-27-19

 Just a glimpse; we just need a glimpse 

motivational speaker motivational videos inspirational videos

6 months to live 9-29-2019

What else needs to be said?

Disillusioned? No More!! 9-22-19

 Have you been disillusioned?  No more!! Discussion with Catholic, Seventh Day Adventist and Non-Denominational

Free Yet not cheap 8-11-19

 Free yet not cheap....what's the offer offer? 

Just One More 7-11-19

 "just one more"  a statement we often expressed; just one more drink, hit" just one more Doritos's,  chocolate chip cookie,  M&M 's

A Millionaire or not 7-4-19

How to be truly rich?   There is an answer to this question?  

No Precedents

Must watch

A dog and a doe

 Wild!  Labrador chasing a doe!   Life is moving fast! 

Don't drink the Poison

less than 2 minutes   

Don't drink the poison of resentment.  It's like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die

Turbulence one of the motivational videos

Hitting some turbulence? Fasten your seat belts!  When turbulence takes place; look upward and you'll be at peace within yourself

Urgent Urgent

Control your thoughts before they control you; your thoughts are like cancer cells

Flaws Flaws

We all have flaws; heck Adam listened to his wife.  We all have flaws!  so clear your mind of negative thoughts towards others

Acts of Madness

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States.   Don't punish the world by committing an act of madness under control of negative thinking and emotions. 


When is it a good time for hesitation?  Merging into traffic you sometimes wonder.  Listen to this less than 2 minutes

Rules Rules


 “Rules Rules" This video is less than 2 minutes.  

Life has rules sports, job relationships have rules

There are losses


Hopefully words of comfort and strength

“There are losses" This video is less than 2 minutes. 

There are losses in this journey.  I received a prized goblet from a young lady; yet I ended up losing the relationship