Impeachment? 12-16-19

 Impeachment?  what is the simple understanding of it? Are you also guilty of impeachment? 

I did strive to put some humor in this video

Be Transformed 12-11-19

 You can and will be transformed! 

Because! Just Because!! 10-25-19

 Have you ever been told?  Because!!  Just Because!!! 

3 Powerful words 10-15-2019

 and the words are not what you think! 

1962 Ford Galaxy 9-1-19

 How does a 62 Ford Galaxy tie in with half-truths?  

Is it Bullcrap?

 Have you wondered as you go through this journey of life? 

WTF Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 8-4-19

There are times I have thought Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

what do you in those moments

What color is Jesus?

 a question that has been asked and wondered about; does one's color really matter? 

Thousands of $$ Poof!!

 1/4 carat "Crown of Lights diamond 22 grams of gold tiger print GONE 

I have been touched

 "I have been touched"  can possibly be alarming words or not! 

TSD not an STD

 We all have a TSD, not an STD; 

Take the Limitations off!!

As a believer you can be happy, excited every day!!  Today today you are born again! yesterday is gone!  So are your sins!!!

Walk Ride Rodeo

 You can overcome obstacles with the right attitude!!

Fear is going to be dethroned

 Faith or Fear influencing you?  Fear can be dethroned!!! 

Did Jesus encourage drinking?

The first miracle was turning water into wine

God and Mental Illness

Real life stories; a strong strong woman has a son with Schizophrenia

Is God for marijuana?

A topic not discussed in mainstream church.  

Is Jesus Christ Republican or Democrat?

Real Talk discussing: Is Jesus a republican or democrat?

Thousands of $$ Poof Gone!!

There are times regardless of the situation; it should not steal your joy!!!