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Sherry Guthrie


Two yrs ago my husband of 31 years passed; My world as I had known it, was as a rug yanked out from under me. My thoughts, emotions, faith were challenged!   I have watched these videos and received direction and strength to go forward in my life.  I am not allowing the negativity of the loss of my husband  to determine my life.  I am focusing on the petals in the midst of the thorns

Marion Archer


On Sept 1, 2018 i received a video "There are losses"  from big Wave Dave USA; I did not know him, but we had a couple of FB friends so I listened to the video. Then my eyes filled with tears because word for word everything in that video I truly needed to hear and the timing couldn't have been more perfect.  You see a couple of weeks prior I had lost my favorite uncle and also ended a abusive relationship....I remember thinking David doesn't know me and yet he cared enough to send me the video that lifted my spirit.  God bless David for caring enough to make and for sharing these videos to help others.  

Nicholas Ford


Life is full of unexpected up and downs, good times and bad times.  No matter what situation I have encountered, one thing remains is God's Love for me.  Big Wave Dave inspirational messages is a blessing to me, makes it easier to deal with real life situations.  His messages have helped me through tough times and I am grateful.  


Darlene Gibson


I live by "Enjoy the Petals of Life" everyday; those words have helped me so much.  I lost my husband 2 years ago, dealing with anguish and mental breakdowns; feeling thoughts of desertion and extreme loneliness.   Those words have helped stabilize my thinking and get focused back in on life.  




On December 29, 2018,  I received a diagnose of a tumor on my pancreas.

The first thought which came to my mind, "I am not having this".  What do I need to do?

The CT revealed a serious diagnose.  I gathered my children and a friend to discuss the report.  

I requested of them that no words of negativity or fear be spoken over the situation.  I am a Believer in Jesus Christ.  I choose to believe in HIS promises of divine healing over my body.  We will stand in faith and not fear.  We were all in agreement.

By God's grace a biopsy was scheduled quickly. The preliminary report of the biopsy revealed good news. The final report would come in five days.  I was at peace and shared my desire with Jesus.  Lord have your way. I trust you.  I want to tell everyone of your goodness and mercy, allow me a way to tell others of Your Amazing Love.  

The final report was good news. Praise God ! The very next day, Dave Kelly, sent a poem entitled:  To Someone Special. This poem was God sent! Dave had no idea what I had been going through in the last three weeks.

As I received this poem, he asked if I would join him in evangelizing and sharing the love of Jesus to others. This was perfect timing and an answer to my desire.  Absolutely, I agreed. I pray that as you receive this poem:  To Someone Special, it will strengthen, encourage and bring you peace.  Jesus loves you and hears your prayers.  


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