Claws Claws

 This will turn out interesting what word rhymes with claws claws?

Hurricanes and camping

 There is a whirl wind taking place

 We don't have to get swept away!

Today!! I say Today!!!!! 7-23-19

3 minutes

 No more walking in weakness; you can walk in this EVERY DAY

WoW!! WoW!!!

This will change your life!  Walking in this will birth salvation into your life.....If not...let me go to Hell in your behalf!!!

Oh!!  Jesus did!!  He went to Hell in our behalf so we can walk in this!!  Boom Boom!!!

Time for the Happy Happy Dance 6-16-19

You'll be joining me and others in the "happy Dance" when you realize these truths.

Please Welcome

 He really doesn't need any introduction; yet he does Is he a robber? No!! 

A Treasure 5-28-19

Approx 1 minute

You are valuable; you are a treasure

Things work together 5-21-19

 They really do All Things work together for good 

Life isn't a circus 5-14-19

1 minute

Life isn't a circus?  Your life has purpose!!

60 seconds of enrichment 5-7-19


60 seconds of enrichment

Dream your Dreams! 4-30-19

 Be true to what you see Dreams can become reality 

Appreciate life 4-23-19

 Appreciate life? Regardless of the moments?  Yes!  Life is a journey 

inspirational videos motivational speaker motivational videos

You are one of Life's beauties inspirational videos

Even with Flaws

Think about it

You will not fail!! 4-9-19

 You will not fail; you weren't destined for failure;   Yes hard times are a part of this journey called life; yet you are not destined for failure 

Don't Let the Past get in the way 4-2-19

 1 minute long;  It's a Beautiful Day 

You are the Reason 3*25*19

 The title says it all; 

 YOU are the reason!!

Better than Yesterday

 1 minute 

Today will be better than Yesterday! 

inspirational videos

 1 minute  The bruises of yesterday will go away; Today is a new day!! 

You are worthy and needed 2-26-19

You are a reason why this day is beautiful!