Positioning yourself 10-21-19

 3 minutes 

How to be seen in a crowded world by God 

Heads or Tails


There are two sides to everything; a coin, a body, a story   "well heads I win tails you lose"  just throwing in some humor

approx 2 minutes

Devastating Words

Words spoken or written have the ability to cut into your heart and emotions.  You will flourish once you realize those words are not your destination 

less than 2 minutes

The sizzle

The sizzle that creates the anticipation!!  You know someone that needs victory over crack or Meth?   The sizzle that chisles away at one's money, morals and wealth.  Get freedom today

Thorn bush as a Rose

Don't complain because the rose bush as thorns !  Rejoice instead the thorn bush has a Rose

Broken Chains

 “Broken Chains" This video is no longer than 2 minutes 

Chains will be broken!!

Word Vomit

 “Word Vomit" This video is no longer than 2 minutes.  

Word Vomit?  Clean up in aisle 7 please

Timid Skittish

 “Timid Skittish" This video is less than 2 minutes 

How to overcome skittishness and timidity with your dog and people